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Eggs & Tomatoes

June 2, 2009

Summer is here and I’m back on campus again for research and work.  While it may seem dull to be back while school is out and everyone is away on vacation or at home, it’s actually not that bad.  Campus is almost completely different during the summer months than it is during the regular fall and spring semesters.  The atmosphere is so much more laid back and, even if you’re taking classes or doing research, it’s almost enjoyable to have something to do with more time and focus — even if it is reading for professors or homework.

As I’ve mentioned before, one of the absolute best things about being on campus during the summer months is the farmers’ market every Saturday morning.  There’s just something exciting and rewarding about waking up early and heading out with your tote bag to pick up some produce and baked goods from the local farmers and merchants.  This past weekend I picked up some plump tomatoes, a basil plant, eggs, and the sweetest strawberries I’ve ever eaten.  It was exciting to see what was in season and the variety of local fruits and vegetables displayed in wooden cartons and modest cardboard boxes.

So, with the three ingredients that I picked up, I decided to make something simple and easy.  Eggs & Tomatoes came to mind as it requires no other additional ingredients than the ones that I picked up except oil, sugar, salt and pepper.  I love this dish as it’s easy to make yet is flavorful and goes so well with rice.  A lot of people like to eat scrambled eggs with ketchup or salsa and rice, and I just consider this recipe to be a slightly healthier and definitely fresher version of that.  Salty, sweet, and just subtly sour from the tomatoes, this recipe is perfect for a light yet filling meal.

Eggs & Tomatoes

Eggs & Tomatoes

Eggs & Tomatoes


2 eggs, lightly beaten
1 large tomato, cut into 1-inch pieces
2 teaspoons oil
1 teaspoon sugar
Salt & pepper, to taste
Optional:  garlic, onions, basil, scallions


1.  Season eggs with salt and pepper, scramble over medium-low heat until cooked.  Remove from skillet.

2.  Add tomatoes pieces and cook until soft.  Once tomatoes pieces have released their juices, add sugar and continue to cook for about a minute.

3.  Add cooked eggs back into the skillet and incorporate with tomatoes until warm.  Serve with rice.


Originally, this recipe is made with just eggs, tomatoes, salt and sugar.  For this particular attempt, I added some garlic and basil I had just picked up from the farmers’ market for some extra flavor.  The recipe is just as good plain as it is with the additional, optional ingredients!  Simple and satisfying either way you make it.

For this recipe you still want nice chunks of tomatoes to go along with the scrambled eggs, so gently cutting the tomatoes into medium-sized chunks is ideal.  Finely chopping the tomato would bruise and crush it too much for it to retain its shape and texture.  There are versions of this recipe that calls for you to cook the tomatoes separately, boiling, skinning and crushing the tomatoes, but I like this method as it keeps the dish easy and quick to make!

I also just used a regular heirloom tomato — you could probably substitute different types of tomatoes depending on what’s available.

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  1. June 3, 2009 12:46 PM

    This looks so yummy my mouth is watering. It doesn’t say in your direction, but did you dice the tomato or cook them whole and then crush them? Also, what kind of tomato did you use?

  2. June 3, 2009 3:32 PM

    Thanks! I’m still new to cooking “real” food (i.e. not out of a box) so all the details help. I love that this can be made in one pan.

  3. June 6, 2009 1:35 PM

    That looks like a tasty breakfast. I do something similar though I also add some feat and green onions.

  4. tom r permalink
    June 30, 2009 10:39 AM

    Thanks, I know what I am gonna have for supper. Here is a less healthy version that my mom used to make. She was from originally from Bristol, England. For each portion :
    1 15 oz can of whole peeled tomatoes, unsalted, if you can get them.
    Butter – about 2 table spoons, maybe 3.
    Black pepper
    eggs- 3 large, or two exta large
    two slices of buttered toast
    several strips of crispy bacon, or a few links of sausgage.
    melt 2 table spoons of the butter/ margarine in a skillet. add canned tomatos, mashing them with a fork ( try not to get juice on yourself, as you “pop” them. Put two slices of bread in the toster at this point when most of the juice has evaporated, crack and add the eggs, stiriing constantly. When it looks like something that has been eaten before, remove from heat. Butter the slices of toast, and spoon the egg mixture onto one slice. add some apple butter to the other slice of toast, a few strips of bacon or sausage on the side, and serve with lots of love.

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